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Single-use tools can improve patient safety by reducing the risk of surgical site infections. 

   It is well known that mature markets are using disposable instruments as a standard norm with most of surgical tools, temptation is high for hospitals in developing countries to select reusable instruments rather than disposable for economic reasons, ELAR solved this equation by offering affordable disposables for health care providers to upgrade the level of service provided for our patients and health care personnel.
Using single use surgical instruments is a reliable option for insuring all fields are decontaminated. They can protect patients from developing life-threatening infections from cross contamination or unsafe conditions during medical procedures and treatment regimens.
When health care facilities switch from reusable to single-use instruments, the benefits extend beyond protecting patients from hospital acquired conditions. To realize the value of disposable instrument, here are the top reasons to make the switch from reusable to single-use instruments:
Studies have shown that the risks of developing infection is nearly up to 3 times higher when using reusable tools. Therefore, the need to offer affordable infection control solutions are dramatically expanding all over the world for safer health care practices.

Improve Patient Safety

Single-use tools can improve patient safety by reducing the risk of surgical site infections.
Rates of hospital acquired infections can decrease more than 70 % when health care facilities and professionals are aware of infection issues and implement efforts to prevent them.
One method for reducing rates of HAIs is using single use medical devices. They reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections, including common surgical site infections, and cross-contamination during medical procedures. Thus, these ready-to-use, disposable instruments can alleviate surgeon and health care provider concerns over the cleanliness of their surgical tools. With reduced risk of cross-contamination and increased infection control, single-use instruments can improve overall patient safety and quality of care.

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